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Orthotics for active people

During many sporting activities, including walking, the body has to absorb increased stress and strain on the joints and soft tissue structures. This is due to the increased speed of movement and rapid changes in direction. It is therefore important that the feet provide a stable base of support to the rest of the body.
Many sports involve repeating the same motion many times. This repetition means that any instability or mechanical imbalance result in high forces being experienced by the body multiple times. Over time this may result in pain developing or worse, injury.

If bio-mechanical imbalances are present in your body a prescribed Functional Foot Orthotic can make a big difference to your life. By improving alignment and limiting unwanted motion in the foot pain/injury can be reduced. Allowing you to train and perform at your best.
The biomechanics of running is very different from walking biomechanics. As is the way the body moves in different sports. It is therefore of paramount importance to see a clinician that has the knowledge and understanding of the biomechanical effects your specific sport has on the body.

Information for Runners

There are many benefits of running such as improved bone density, increase muscle strength and cardio vascular fitness however it is a fact that running results in increased forces through the feet and lower limbs.
The human body is robust and designed to cope with these forces. However unfortunately for a small percentage they may experience pain or injury when they run.

How to stay pain free when running
Know your body

Have an understanding of your own biomechanics and your own running gait. Knowing this will mean you are aware of any areas of tightness or weakness in your body and these can be addressed before it develops into a problem.

Wear the right footwear

All footwear has an impact on your foot biomechanics. It is therefore important to make sure your running shoe is suitable for you.
The perfect running shoe is the one that complements your own natural running style. As people have varying running styles and foot postures the perfect running shoe for one person might cripple another.

Don't over do it

Running often results in micro trauma to the muscles which repair during periods of rest. It is therefore of paramount importance to ensure your “rest days” are just that. Remember to rest.

Running injusries that can be helped with Sports Orthotics at our Private clinic in Cheshire

Whether you are struggling with pain, having issues with mobility or training for a sporting event we will endeavour to find the best treatment to meet your individual needs and expectations.

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