Phits 3D printed Orthotics

At Enable Orthotics we are excited to be part of the Phits Orthotics network.
Phits Orthotics are the only insoles on the market based on the data obtained from dynamic pressure plate analysis.

The Benefits of Phits

Phits Insoles for everyday wear available at our Private Clinic in Cheshire

Although Phits are used by top level Athletes they are also the perfect insole for day to day use.
Are wearing insoles that are too bulky, so not provide enough support or wear out too quickly?
Do you suffer with niggling pain in your feet, legs or lower back?
A pair of Phits insoles outlast most traditional custom insoles and are the perfect solution correct biomechanical dysfunction which is often the root cause of pain.
Give your feet the comfort they deserve.

Phits Insoles for sports wear available at our Private Clinic in Cheshire

Whether you’re training for a new PB, at the top of your field, or just playing sports for fun, you don’t want injury or pain to stop you from doing the things you love.
All sports increase forces through the body and involve repetitive movements. This repetitive load, along with other factors, can result in an increased risk of injury.
Phits insoles can prevent excess load and improve foot biomechanics. This can help heal injures, decrease pain, improve the efficiency of your movement and prevent injuries occurring in the first place.
Phits Insoles can be customised to fit a wide variety of sports specific footwear including running trainers, hiking boots, football/rugby boots, ski boots, golf shoes, cycling shoes and court shoes.

Phits Insoles for work available at our Private Clinic in Cheshire

In the UK musculoskeletal pain was one of the leading causes of sickness absence.
If, like many, you’re on your feet at lot at work it is important to look after your feet. Your feet are the foundations for the rest of the body. When your feet are not moving well this can result not only in foot pain but also pain elsewhere in the body. For many of us, wearing sensible shoes which fit our feet correctly is enough to keep pain at bay.
However, for some, good shoe selection alone isn’t enough to prevent pain and injury from developing. At Enable Orthotics we can identify small biomechanical imbalances which increase your risk of injury. By improving foot function therefore overall posture we can reduce your risk of chronic feet, knees lower back pain, allowing you to live your day to day life without pain.

Phits Insoles for work available at our Private Clinic in Cheshire
Phits Insoles for work available at our Private Clinic in Cheshire
From scan to sole

Phits insoles are based on the dynamic data gathered using the FootScan system. This data is then transformed into an ultra light 3D printed custom orthotic using the latest 3D printed technology. Afterwards the orthotics get a shock absorbing comfort layer.
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Phits - made for any shoe

Our Phits insoles make sure you’re planted with every step you take. Phits are a solution for every type of activity and can be manufactured to fit any shoe type including: regular shoes, running shoes, safety shoes, football boots and ski boots.

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Whether you are struggling with pain, having issues with mobility or training for a sporting event we will endeavour to find the best treatment to meet your individual needs and expectations.

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