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Foot Orthotics, also known as insoles or arch supports

Many of us suffer with foot pain. This pain can often be a sign of overload to joints or soft tissue structures due to bio-mechanical imbalances in your body or poor movement patterns.
Fortunately these mechanical imbalances can often be corrected by Functional Foot Orthotics (also known as insoles).

What are Functional Foot Orthotics

A Functional Foot Orthotic is a specially moulded insole designed to alter your foot and lower limb bio-mechanics when you are walking or running.
They are also commonly known as insoles, inlays or FFOs for short.

How do Functional Foot Orthotics work?

Foot Orthotics improves foot and lower limb mechanics by providing support and stability to your foot and ankle. This reduces unwanted movement, such as excess pronation, and decreases excess forces going through the foot which can result in pain and injury.

Do I need a Custom Insoles?

At Enable Orthotics we are experts in prescribing stock, semi custom and fully custom foot Orthotics.
There are many excellent stock Orthotics or semi bespoke Orthotics that, when utilised correctly, can correct minor bio-mechanical abnormalities. It is therefore it is not always necessary to have custom Orthotics made.
At Enable Orthotics we are committed to providing the most cost effective treatments and will advise which kind of Orthotic would best suit your individual needs and requirements.

Sample image of custom insoles hear at the clinic near Chester
3D Printed Orthotics
What makes our assessment for Orthotics in Cheshire different

At Enable Orthotics we are proud to be part of the Phits Experts Network.
Phits Orthotics are manufactured based on the information obtained from the RS foot scan system.
3D printing technology allows increased customisation when compared with traditional Foot Orthotics, improving their design.

Who uses Foot Orthotics?
The benefits of foot orthotics
Benefits of Foot Orthotics

Whether you are, struggling with pain, having issues with mobility or training for a sporting event we will endeavour to find the best treatment to meet your individual needs and expectations.

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