Assessment for foot pain, heel pain, knee braces, Achilles tendinopathy etc at our Private Clinic near Chester


At Enable Orthotics we use a combination of video gait analysis, biomechanical analysis, movement assessments and Footscan pressure plate analysis to determine the root cause of pain and to determine your risk of injury.

This information is then used to provide evidence based treatments such as:

History taking as a part of our assessment
History Taking

Any patient assessment begins with taking a complete patient history. This allows us to fully understand the problem is and gives an insight to what factors may be influencing or causing your pain or limiting your mobility. It is arguably the most important part of the patient assessment process.

Non weight bearing exam for foot pain, hyper mobility, knee braces, AFO
Non weight bearing examination

This is the hands on part of the examination. It allows us to:

  • Identify and properly assess the specific part of the foot or leg that is painful,
  • Evaluate the movement of the individual joints of the foot and lower limb,
  • Identify any restriction in movement or hyper mobility present,
  • Test the power of the individual muscles in the foot and lower limb,
  • Test for ligament laxity and structural integrity of tendons.
movement assessment to at our Private Clinic near Chester
Movement testing

During this part of the assessment we look at:

  • Your foot posture and general alignment in standing,
  • Assess general balance,
  • Your movement patterns,
  • Postural control,
  • Dynamic joint ranges of motion.
Gait analysis

Gait analysis is the process of assessing how you body moves as you walk or run.
We utilise an advanced video gait analysis system to perform gait analysis. This system allows us to slow your gait down and analyse it frame by frame. We measure angles of rotation of the foot, knee and hip and examine how the joints are moving relative to one another.
This allows us to observe small abnormalities and compensatory patterns which would normally be invisible to the naked eye.

gait analysis to gauge knee pain here in our Private Clinic in Chester
Foot Scan

Our foot scan pressure plate system records precise plantar pressure forces which allow us to accurately analyse how your foot is moving and functioning.
It also allows us to observe how the forces are being distributed across the foot as you walk.

Foot scans to assess foot pain here in our Private Clinic near Chester

Our gait analysis combined with the Foot scan pressure plate together gives the clinician a complete picture of how your body moves functions throughout the gait cycle and how forces are being distributed across the joints.
The information collected aids Orthotic prescription. By showing force loading patterns throughout the foot the amount of correction required can be accurately determined.
This evidence based approach to treatment provides a much improved clinical outcome for our patients.

Whether you are, struggling with pain, having issues with mobility or training for a sporting event we will endeavour to find the best treatment to meet your individual needs and expectations.

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