Achilles Teninopathy

The Achilles tendon is one of the largest tendons in the body. It connects the calf muscles to the heel bone and is subjected to very high forces, especially when doing things like running and jumping. Achilles tendonitis is the medical term used when the tendon becomes sore and damaged. It is commonly seen in active individuals but can happen to anyone. Achillies tendonitis is more common in men and is more common as you age. Achillies tendonitis is thought to be caused by repetitive strain on the tendon. The Achilles tendon is subject to very high loads when you run or jump.

Signs and Symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis

Pain around the back of the heel.
Pain typically begins as mild ache in the back of the leg which is worse after sports.
As the condition worsens pain can be described as a burning, shooting pain.
The area around the back of the heel may also be inflamed and hot.
Stiffness around the heel (limited ankle range of motion).


Initially rest or a decrease in activity may be advised to allow then inflammation to decrease and the tendon to heal. Following this exercise to improve ankle mobility and calf muscle strength are recommended.
If your foot posture of the way your foot moves is putting increased stress on the achilles tendon Foot Orthotics may be advisable during the rehabilitation process.

Whether you are struggling with pain, having issues with mobility or training for a sporting event we will endeavour to find the best treatment to meet your individual needs and expectations.

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