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About Enable Orthotics

Enable Orthotics is a specialist Orthotics clinic focusing on lower limb and foot biomechanics with clinics located in the heart of the Cheshire countryside and North Wales.

We specialise in performing in depth patient assessments and analysing individual gait and movement patterns. Utilising video gait analysis and foot scan systems we can identify any intricacies and imbalances in your body that can often lead to pain or injury.

We are passionate about providing evidence based service and believe that Orthotics are not always the answer. This means we only recommend Orthotics when there is evidence and clinical reasoning to support doing so. We also provide footwear advice, lower limb mobility/strengthening exercises and life style change advice when the evidence shows this may help.

At Enable Orthotics we believe that everyone is different. Any treatment or advice offered will be bespoke to your individual presentation and needs.

Many clients chose to come to Enable Orthotics as they find NHS waiting times too long. At Enable Orthotics we are proud to provide quick access to Orthotic treatment and offer evening and weekend appointments to fit around your schedule.

What is Orthotics

Orthotics is a specialist branch of medicine which focuses applying external supports to the body. This includes a range devices such as foot orthotics, ankle braces and knee braces.

A clinician qualified in this area is known as an Orthotist. An Orthotist is highly trained in the biomechanics of the whole body and is an expert in gait analysis.

About the Orthotist

Miss Emma Rooney BSc(Hons) MBAPO
Senior Orthotist

Emma graduated from Strathclyde University with an Honours degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Following graduation Emma chose to specialize in Orthotics and has worked within specialist Orthotics departments in both the NHS and private settings, including the Robert Jones and Angus Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry.

Emma has worked alongside consultants and physiotherapists in a multidisciplinary setting allowing her to gain a wealth of experience in all areas of Orthotics. Emma has a particular interest in lower limb biomechanics, paediatrics and injury prevention/rehabilitation.

Emma is passionate about restoring natural foot function and believes Foot Orthotics should not be over prescribed. By improving general movement patterns and working on foot mobility and strength the need for Orthotics in the long term can be reduced.

Emma’s priority is to ensure patients feel listened to and valued. Emma strives to meet patient’s goals and expectations by providing immediate access to the best possible orthotic service and products.

Emma is registered with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a full member of The British Association for Prosthetics and Orthotics (BAPO)

Emma has a love for the outdoors and is a keen rock climber and mountaineer. Outside work hours Emma can often be found training at her local climbing gym or exploring the Welsh countryside.

Our private Orthotics
Our professionally recognised association for our pricate clinic BAPO Our professionally recognised council for our pricate clinic HCPC Our Orthotist is a Phits expert pricate clinic Our Orthotist is a Phits expert pricate clinic

Whether you are struggling with pain, having issues with mobility or training for a sporting event we will endeavour to find the best treatment to meet your individual needs and expectations.

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